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Why Your Car Door Might Malfunction?

08/16/2015 Back To Blog

Car doors and car locks are given special importance by car manufacturers, as these parts are important in keeping the car secure. Thieves often pick cars whose locks are either weak or have begun to rust so that they can open them up quickly and steal whatever they want. It’s not just thieves that can target your car's door and lock though. Sometimes, the internal workings of the car itself may result in the malfunctioning of the car door locks. Such malfunctioning may even result in a car lockout situation, as the door might not open even after you insert the key inside it. In such conditions, there is no need to panic. You should simply try to know why the door might be malfunctioning, and if the condition seems serious then you should contact an automotive locksmith.Why Your Car Door Might Malfunction?

Reasons for Car Door Malfunction

There can be variety of reasons which can cause the car door to stop working and you can understand the reason by looking closely at the door. The most common reasons include:

The door becomes jammed, usually because the car belt gets stuck in the door. If you won’t take care of seeing if the seat belt is sliding across to come between the car door and the car floor, it would get stuck there and cause problems in opening or closing it. You might be able to pry the door open in such a scenario, though you would feel a resistance and you might take it to be something serious when it is such a simple issue.

If your door is just opening from one of the sides i.e. it is either opening from the outside or from the inside then it might indicate that there is a mechanical failure. The failure is often caused as a result of a loose or broken connection inside the door’s mechanical system. It is advisable that you use the services of a mobile locksmith in order to ensure that the door is repaired correctly.

Lubrication issues can also be responsible for a door’s malfunction though in such cases you will only find a mild resistance in opening or closing the door.

Having an idea about reasons behind car door malfunction can help you in making an informed decision about whether there is need to get any help of a car locksmith or not. 

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