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UPVC Door Locks

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You can expect modern UPVC door locks to be durable and to perform well regardless of their brand. However, they can still get affected by various types of issues. No matter how big or small the problem is, it has to be resolved without delay or your security will be compromised. It is known that burglars often look for the "weakest" house in the neighbourhood, so you want to make sure your locks are up for the task of keeping you safe.

UPVC Door Locks in United Kingdom

UPVC Door Lock Repairs

Whether the key can't get in or the bolt is completely stuck in the strike receiver, the issue requires urgent attention. If you are locked out of the house, a special opening technique is used for letting you in. Then the lockset is then fixed. Damaged and broken parts such as the cylinder are replaced with new ones. When required, the entire lockset is replaced.

Lock Replacement

Replacement is required not only in case the damage of the lockset is beyond repair. If the device is too old and does not offer reliable protection from intruders, a new one has to be installed in its place. Ideally, it will be resistant to picking, bumping, snapping, drilling and all other techniques which are used by burglars. The size of the bolt or latch is also important. The longer and thicker it is the better. In general, multipoint locksets are the most secure, all other things being equal.

Door Alignment

If the key turns normally, but the door does not close properly, this is most likely due to misalignment. In order for the unit to be properly aligned, the cause of the problem has to be identified. Usually, this issue occurs due to loose, damaged or broken hinges. The hardware components are fixed or replaced and set accurately. After the door adjustment, the latches should extend into the strike plate smoothly without causing friction and making scraping sounds.

If you have problems with your lock or decided to get a new and better device for making your house more secure, count on us to provide a solution of the highest quality. Our company specialises in the installation, repair and replacement of all types of locksets. Rely on us for fixing the door as well.

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