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Locks and keys are repaired and replaced efficiently and fast

Here are some pointers customers can follow concerning all kinds of keys and locks.

  • Keep your car key clean to protect the ignition

    Watch out where you keep your key. Avoid placing it in bag or coat pockets with lint. This is important because the fibres stick to the blade and get transferred to the ignition where they may cause blockage. Don’t touch the key with oily fingers as the oil can also cause damage to the ignition. Clean the key thoroughly on a regular basis.

  • Take Extra Care of Transponder Keys

    Transponder keys add an extra layer of security to the car. They ensure that the car cannot be started by anyone other than the owner himself. If they are misplaced then you yourself won’t be able to start the car and will have to get a new transponder key. Since transponder keys are pretty expensive it is important to take extra care of them.

  • Use Blinds on Your Windows

    Having clear glass windows enhance the curb appeal of your home. They also let you obtain a good view of the outside without having to open them. However, this could also allow burglars to have a better view of what's inside the house. To prevent this from happening, have windows blinds installed that you can close anytime.

  • Valet key

    Instead of your car key, you can hand a valet key to the attendant. This key will operate the engine but will limit the user to that purpose and not allow access to other parts of the car such as the hood or glove compartment making for a safe valet service.

  • Revamp your locksets

    To spruce up a space without hurting your wallet, lock replacement is an option. Literally, thousands of choices for locksets are commercially available given the options on finish, handle set, design, and hardware material. Ask our specialists in Locksmith Romford and they will conveniently install it in no time.

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