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Get Ready for New Age Locks

05/05/2015 Back To Blog

New and advanced technology comes bearing gifts. New locks have many faces but one common characteristic. They are made in accordance to high technology designs not just for good looks but mainly for higher resistance and durability. There are many versions among digital locks with the most common being the ones with codes. Some are made to work with mechanical keys as well for those who are reluctant to make the big step into the new age period. Biometric bolts take you one step further in terms of sophisticated technology and there are options according to which an individual's fingertips are recognized by the doorknob or lever.Get Ready for New Age Locks

We'll soon enjoy higher security

Are you ready to welcome such options? Those, who are tired of dealing with conventional lock problems and want to stop thinking about key issues and home lockouts, have already embraced such choices with warmth. Digital systems were truly welcomed by most companies since they give owners the chance to keep control of who will have access to which room. Codes are given and taken away easier than keys. They can be changed easily, too. Employees do not have to carry various keys around with them in order to enter several offices or rooms at their place of work. They just have their own passwords. People, who often move around carrying many things with them, hassle trying to find the keys while holding bags, kids, and cell phones.

We are all ready to make the big step but hesitate as we always do when innovations knock on our door. It takes some time for us to get used to the idea that we won't have to use our mechanical keys anymore but only have to remember one more code to enter the home. It seems strange that our fingertips or iris will be our new keys and are probably more afraid about the security promised by such equipment. Though, such systems come to enhance security and at the same time facilitate our movements. Moreover, individuals can change their personal code any time they choose. It would be like rekeying your home door lock. If talking about biometric bolts, think of the security your own eyes and fingers offer. There are no identical matches in the world! Thieves will soon be out of work, you will feel more secure and lock upgrade will be easy thanks to the continuous development of new age locking systems.

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