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Car Lock Change, Door Unlocking & Trunk Opening

All of the top asked questions on locks and keys concerns were compiled on this page for your reference. They are easy to understand and would widen your perspective when it comes to locksmith services. Get the answers on locksmith related FAQ here.

  • What is the best way to protect locks from damage?

    Keep them clean and lubricated. If you're planning on making repairs to your house, you may want to cover the keyways just to be on the safe side. The way in which you use the locks is also important. Never push or turn the key using force. Wiggle it a bit if the lock seems sticky and turn it gently. Push the door open using the knob or handle and not the key.

  • What are UPVC door lock rollers and mushrooms?

    These are small cylindrical locking points. The mushrooms have a flat round head. Unfortunately, neither one of these locking points is very reliable. Deadbolts and hooks offer a higher level of security.

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